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What is Galileo Affiliate Program?

If you are a web site owner, Galileo gives you an opportunity to earn extra profit with your website. As a partner in Galileo Affiliate Program you are to earn a percentage of every reservation made by guests there were redirected via your web site. By connecting to you can open the opportunity for your clients to browse our large accommodation offer and book a vacation using Galileo’s reservation system. We would like to point out that the content of our website is translated in several different languages.

How Affiliate program works?

Guests who decide to book their vacation via Galileo’s reservation system and confirm their reservation by making a full payment will bring you a specified commission. Clients redirected from your website are tracked using the cookie technology. The cookie option is valid for one year, i.e. you are entitled to receive a commission for each redirected client in the period of one year.

What are the obligations of Affiliate partner?

It is necessary that the affiliate partner keeps banners on his web-site in the original and unchanged form. We recommend that partner runs efficient marketing campaigns that will lead to a higher productivity of the Galileo Affiliate program. All the activities within the Galileo Affiliate Program linked to Customer Service are dealt with by Galileo.

Why should one join Galileo Affiliate Program?

Each of our Affiliate partners is to earn a commission in the range 4-8% depending on the generated turnover. After redirecting the client to, partner’s obligation ends at that point. Affiliate partner is free of any customer service responsibilities towards the client.

How to join Galileo Affiliate Program?

First step in joining Galileo Affiliate Program is to complete our online application form. It takes up to 3 business days to process your application. If your application was approved you will receive all the login information necessary to enter the Galileo Affiliate Program partner pages. In this section you will be able to track the success of Galileo Affiliate Program.

How to redirect clients to website?

Galileo provides you with banners that you may use on your web pages. Using available banners, it takes a minimum effort and time to setup and start with Galileo Affiliate Program. All the banners are available on the Galileo Affiliate Program partner pages. If you look to add more then one website to Affiliate Program, you need to fill out application form only once, and all the additional websites can be subsequently added from partner pages. In case the available banner do not match your needs, please let us know because we are at your disposal when presenting Galileo's offer to visitors of your pages. For all the additional information and suggestions please contact us.

What are the connection options for

Our partners have different options when connecting with

  • link to a home page
  • link to a specific page (accommodation offer) on
  • link to a specific topic or a part of

How to track the earnings?

Galileo Affiliate Program partner pages keeps you informed about the turnover generated by your websites. Additionally, you have a transparent statistics of all the activities in Galileo Affiliate Program. Please be aware that you decide about the payout dynamics. When you are ready to receive the funds earned in Galileo Affiliate Program, please send us a payout request. Soon after we receive your request, we will forward the calculated amount.

Are there any restrictions when applying to Galileo Affiliate Program?

The basic condition you need to fulfill when joining Galileo Affiliate Program is that you own a website. Visitor statistics for your website does not influence will your affiliate partner application be accepted. Higher number of visits will increase your profit, but we leave all the decisions about marketing activities to our affiliate partners. It is free of charge to join Galileo Affiliate Program. We don't make any exclusive conditions about cooperation, so you are free to join any other affiliate program at the same time.

Be a part of a successful partner program and join us! We invite you to fill out our online application form and to start making profit with Galileo Affiliate Program.

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