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Notes on the cruise on the motor sailboats

The boats in our fleet

The boats in our fleet are motor boats made out of wood in a classical style. They differ in size, equipment and comfort - we would like to draw your attention to their descriptions. All of the information and data is based on the status as of October 2006 - and it is possible that during our winter inventory and repair some structural changes have been made thus changing the outer appearance of some boats. Sometimes one of the captains may decide to sell his/her boat or perhaps buy a new boat so it is possible that the captain or crew of a particular boat may be different than what is listed. Also, certain crew members switch to other boats from season to season.
Some of the boats in our fleet are more than one hundred years old and that refers to only the name and shape of the hull. During the reconstruction and repair all planks are replaced as well as all screws and nails. One thing that all of the boats have in common is that they are unlike large cruise ships and here you will enjoy yourself without the formalities and always in good company.


Cabins offer enough space for sleeping and your travel bag. They are functional and are equipped with, unless otherwise specified in the description, two beds and a small closet or open wall unit. The beds are mostly right above each other (bunk beds without a ladder), however more and more cabins are being equipped with double beds. Cabins with three beds mainly consist of one double bed and a third bed right above it. A description of how the beds are placed can be found in the description of each individual boat. On most boats, cabins also have at their disposal a shower/WC with a sink where the shower is separated from the rest of the cabin by a door which means that most cabins do not have shower tubs or real shower stalls with a shower curtain. While you shower the water will go through a drain in the floor. Due to the shape of the hull, cabins differ in size. Rates do not differ in accordance with the category of the cabin. Cabins under the deck have a porthole or a round window.
Most boats have cabins on deck and below the deck area unless otherwise specified in the description provided. Each cabin is assigned based on the order of the reservations. Prior to your arrival bedding is changed meaning fresh, clean sheets; we recommend you bring your own towels although towels will be at your disposal on the boat. Since the crew does not enter the cabins for the entire duration of the trip we ask guests to keep their cabins tidy. Showers and toilets located in the cabins are not cleaned by the crew whereas joint showers and toilet facilities are cleaned regularly.
Some boats have more cabins than the amount specified. These cabins cannot be reserved however sometimes exceptions can be made. These cabins might not be in accordance with the standards of other cabins (for example no shower/WC or below the deck). The crew uses cabins which are not mentioned in the description of the boat. The seating arrangement matches the capacity of guests per cabin listed in the description although the actual seating arrangement takes into consideration those cabins which are not specified.

Air conditioning

Most boats have air conditioners in the salon or in the hallways below the deck and sometimes even in the cabins. You can only enjoy the full benefit of the air conditioners in your cabin if you leave the door open. Air conditioners basically operate only when the engine or generator is operational or while the boat is hooked up. When spending the night in isolated coves or small fishing towns that do not have electrical outlets the air conditioners are turned off since leaving them on would be unacceptable for enjoying peace and quiet at night.

Clothing and baggage

Evening wear and suits are better left behind because boats require lighter clothing, shorts, t-shirts and of course bathing suits and swimming trunks. For colder nights (particularly before and after high season) we recommend something with long sleeves and a windbreaker or raincoat could also come in handy. Due to the fact that the amount of space in the cabins is limited we recommend a travel bag or knapsack instead of a suitcase (especially hard suitcases which take up a lot of room). Although the boat is supervised by at least one crew member at all times, it may be wise for you to leave your valuables at home.


The food follows southern criteria. Breakfast is very simple: coffee or tea, white bread, butter and marmalade. Main meals (lunch and dinner) are traditionally hearty and plentiful. Even though you are on a sea route and fish should be the main course, the majority of the meals consist of meat dishes. If anyone wishes, each boat will also offer vegetarian dishes however we ask that you point that out to us while you are making your reservation. Vegetarian dishes are not specially prepared dishes. Instead of meat more side dishes (vegetables) are offered. Special dietary dishes cannot be prepared. Our offer begins with dinner on the day our guests board the boat and end with breakfast on the day they leave the boat. Bicycle routes also offer halfboard accommodation, which begin with dinner on the day our guests board the boat and end with breakfast on the day they leave the boat. Lunch mainly takes place in restaurants or taverns along the way - which is not included in the price of the tour and is paid on the spot by each person. Depending on the route, lunch may even be served on the boat and dinner in the designated overnight port depending on what everyone prefers. For bicycle tours we are obligated to comply with the requests of the bicyclists, which means that for breakfast we serve salami, cheese, cereal, fruit, juice and various dairy products along with the standard coffee, tea, white bread, butter and marmalade. Main meals on the boat consist mainly of soup, a meat or fish dish with a side dish and salad.


The salon is a restaurant, living room and bar all in one. Here you can always enjoy cold alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Beverage consumption will be put on a tab and calculated at the end of the trip. Naturally the cost of the beverages is somewhat higher than what you would pay if purchasing them in a store however the boat is like a floating inn and the prices must be adjusted accordingly. The prices are still lower than what you would pay at a hotel and can be compared to the prices in cafes and taverns. Guests are not permitted to bring beverages on board the boat.


Going aboard the boat basically takes place between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. As soon as all guests are on board, we raise the anchor and head out to sea.


Disembarking basically takes place on the last day by 9:00 am. The crew needs time in between boarding and the next disembarkment to prepare the rooms for the next group of guests so that they may be exactly as you found them a week or two ago.

Travel documents

For Germans and Austrians your passport is sufficient for entry into Croatia as well as passing through Slovenia (for up to 3 months) or a personal identification card (for up to 30 days). Documents must be valid a minimum of 3 months, in other words 30 days. For entry into Montenegro (route CR-0003-13 and CR-0003-16) a valid passport is required and we recommend that foreigners consult with their local embassies or consulates. If you are traveling by car you will need a green insurance card even though neither Croatia nor Slovenia requires the green card for automobiles bearing German or Austrian license plates.

Taking care of baggage

In case you are combining a sailing trip with hotel accommodation you probably won't take all of your baggage with you on the boat. In Rijeka you can leave your baggage at the check-in area at the bus station (approximately 300 m from the harbor) and the cost is approximately 1.50 € per day per bag. In the harbors in Zadar, Trogir and Dubrovnik our tourist guides will be at your service.

Parking in ports

In the embarkment areas of the harbors, we also offer parking. These parking spots are mainly outside of the harbor's perimeter and you will be escorted to these spots by our tourist guides. If you want us to reserve a parking spot for you we ask that you please let us know when you are booking your trip whereas the fee (40 € per week) is paid on the spot. These parking spots are supervised by the parking attendants (basically the same assurances apply as those for parking lots and parking garages in Germany and Austria).

Electricity and water

Electricity and water are available on the boat however quantities are limited. All of our boats have a 220V generator which cannot be operational at night due to the noise level. We also think no one wants to listen to an engine and a generator while they are sun-tanning on the deck of a boat that has dropped anchor in a quiet secluded cove.
The water tanks match the capacity of the cabins, in other words the number of beds so there is always enough water for everyone to take a shower even if the tank is not filled every few days assuming that the amount of water used per guest is within reason. Boats have hot water for their showers which is provided by the central heater (the water in the tanks on the deck is also partially heated by the sun) however the same rule applies - there is enough water for everyone provided that the showers are used in moderation (for example, turning off the water when lathering up).

Protecting the environment

In the interest of protecting the environment, which is also determined by the Croatian Constitution, we ask that you don't throw waste in the sea or toilet. All boats have sufficient waste basins to ensure proper maintenance. Actively participate in preserving our Adriatic - the bluest of all seas - to remain clean.


Although our sailing routes are not marked as FKK sailing routes, sun tanning in the nude while sailing (only on the sun deck) or swimming in isolated coves is permitted on most boats however guests should first reach some sort of a consensus on the matter. Clothing should be worn while the boat is entering at the harbor (at least some light clothing).

Sleeping on deck

Many of our guests consider sleeping on deck a unique experience in which they spend the night enjoying the fresh air beneath a Mediterranean sky full of stars. Of course there is enough room on the deck for everyone however you must bring your own sleeping bag or mat because you are not permitted to remove the mattress or bedding from your cabin.

Peace and quiet at night

Often times it is quite peaceful on the boats after 11 pm. Naturally, this is not written in stone, however much depends on the crew as well as the guests. On some boats parties last longer. Since boats do not have sound insulation and ports are often crammed with boats, it is always wise to take the pending circumstances into consideration.

Music and the right atmosphere

Music and the just the right atmosphere are common on most boats - the best parties happen spontaneously. Should anyone own an instrument such as a guitar or harmonica, they are welcome to bring it with them on board.


Every boat is unique and as such the routes can also be unique. They mainly match the descriptions provided however there can be some variations. Some captains like to show off their favorite cove and sometimes certain ports may be too crowded particularly when at night a large number of boats dock at the same port. The places listed in the descriptions do not necessarily have to be overnight destinations. For example, you may have an opportunity to go sightseeing in the afternoon in one place and end up spending the night in a different port that was listed for the next day of the route. When the choice comes down to a port or a cove the captain usually lets the majority decide, in other words respecting the wishes of his/her guests. Sometimes the order of the route can be switched, for example on route CR-0003-1 half of the boats will first head towards the island of Cres instead of the island of Krk and then continue the journey accordingly. Our routes are planned in such a way that it is easy to reach the day's destination under normal weather conditions - every captain is obligated to alter the route depending on the weather conditions, in other words, lengthen or shorten the time spent in ports.

"Half" of a double bed cabin

With the bicycle, mountain or Nordic Walking routes it is possible to reserve half of a double-bed cabin, which means that you share your room with another person of the same sex. This feature is not available for any of the remaining routes however it is possible to reserve a single-bed cabin (this only applies to M/B Rogac) in other words a double-bed cabin for one person.

Boat areas

Sailing on one of our boats is truly a unique experience. However you may want to take into consideration certain unpredictable things which are common on boats: the stairs are more narrow and steeper than what you are used to at home, the deck area can become extremely slippery after a rainfall or even due to morning dew. Due to the fact that wood is a live material that shrinks in high temperatures it is possible for water to enter the cabins following rain or bad weather. In any case we ask that you close the windows in your cabins during bad weather.
During high season ports and harbors can be pretty crowded and often times boats are tied to one another so we ask that you be careful when getting off of other boats due to the differences in the heights of the decks.


Most of our boats sail their routes with the help of an engine - sailing is only an option when there are favorable winds. Although the conditions may vary from boat to boat, the sails are raised at least once during the week depending on the weather conditions.


The Adriatic has an abundance of fish and is ideal for fishing. You can bring your own fishing gear and fish from the boat itself or even from the mainland. Fishing requires a special license issued by tourist agencies or harbor/port management and special fees apply.

Payment on the boat

All drinks or additional costs on our boats can be paid in Kuna or Euro. Credit cards will not be accepted.

What is not included

The sojourn tax and local fees are not included in our rates. The total amount of 21 € per week per person (for children under 12 10 €) is paid on the boat upon boarding.

The level of difficulty of our bicycle tours

Our bicycle routes cannot be compared to plains or flatlands. Our tours include uneven and partially mountainous, even steep uphill areas which require a certain level of fitness. These routes are for those people that go bicycle riding even when they are at home or are involved in any other sports activities. One must also take into consideration that the temperatures in Croatia are significantly higher than the temperatures you may be used to and that during the months of June and September temperatures can be higher than 30oC. We have created an altitude profile for all of our tours so as to give you an idea of the level of difficulty of the routes and certain portions of the routes.

Bicycle helmet

For your safety we suggest that wearing a helmet be mandatory. If you reserve a bicycle through us the helmet is free of charge and at your disposal. Should you wish to rent a bicycle, we ask that you please inform us ahead of time so that we may reserve both a bicycle and a helmet. (On some routes the bicycle rental is included in the price of the sailing trip).

Bicycle rental

Our bicycles are stable terrain bicycles, type "Trek 270" and other similar models (for both men and women of various sizes). The bicycles mainly have 21 speeds with a Shimano speed shift and come equipped with a bottle holder.

Routes and tours

The descriptions of routes and altitude profiles are strictly informative and can sometimes vary from the actual route taken. This depends on various factors - in agreement with the participants, for example in the event of rain, certain routes can be shortened or in the event of extremely high temperatures a longer swimming break can be arranged. Depending on the physical condition of the participants our guides will recommend a more difficult or easier route. Sightseeing - for example admiring a monument or taking an extra break - which may not have previously been listed in the route description or altitude profile. Due to the fact that roads on the islands often pass above places there is always the possibility of additional uphill or downhill portions. It is also possible that certain observation points can only be reached on foot - in these cases walks will be incorporated.


Participate in bicycle tours/routes at your own risk - galileo.hr is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during bicycle tours. We recommend you take out travel insurance either through our agency or directly through an insurance company.

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