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Biseri južne Dalmacije

Luka polaska: Dubrovnik
Ruta: Dubrovnik - Korčula - Pelješac - Ploce - Mostar - Vela Luka (Korčula) - Lastovo - Mljet - Elafiti - Dubrovnik
Brodovi na ovoj ruti: Kruna mora


Detaljni opis plovidbe

This new route is in several elements different from the other routes. First of all it gives you more time to visit the beautifull town of Dubrovnik, while we’ll leave Dubrovnik just on Monday morning. During the cruise we’ll visit the islans of Korcula, Lastovo and Mljet, but the highlight of the cruise will certainly be a whole-day bus trip along the valley of the river Neretva to Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Here you’ll feel the Orient while moscheen and minarete decorate the view of the town famous for its Old Bridge across the river Neretva.


Boarding in Dubrovnik (port Gruz) 11:30 am - 01:00 pm. Dependently on the arrival time of the plane you will have the whole day and the evening to enjoy the beauties of the town of Dubrovnik. The distance from the port to the old town is approx. half an hour on foot, or some 10 minutes by bus (depart every 15 minutes, the price is approx. 10 kn, last drive back is approx. at 02:00 am). Dinner will be on board and overnight stay.


After breakfast we’ll leave Dubrovnik and take our course in direction of Korcula. We navigate along the peninsula of Peljesac (highest hill Sveti Ilija 961 m) and stop for a swimming brake on the island of Korcula. Korcula has one of the most beautiful old towns in Dalmatia and is often called "Little Dubrovnik" due to its fortification walls. The island was called "Black Island" in the Antique due to its pine forests which are spread across it. We will spend the night in birthplace of a famous seaman Marko Polo.


Already at 06:00 o clock we’ll lift our ancher and take our course to the north of the peninsula Peljesac. About 10:00 o’clock we’ll stop in the port of Ploce where a bus waits for us to take us to the delta of the river Neretva, and afterwards to Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina. On the River Neretva we’ll have an excursion on small boats which are a traditional mean of transport on the river, which are still in everyday use. After the drive on the boats along the channels of the Neretva, we’ll have a typical lunch. After lunch we’ll procede in direction of Mostar, the capital of Hercegovina, a region mostly inhabitated by Croats. The most famous monument in Mostar is the “Old bridge” (Kroatian: Stari most) across the Neretva, which has been built in the 16th century by a turkish architect Mimar Hajrudin. The bridge has been destroyed during the war in 1993, and reconstructed in the years from 1996 – 2004. The bridge and the old town of Mostar are part of World’s cultural heritage protected by the UNESCO since 2005. Nearby the bridge is located the Karadjoz-Beg mosche, which is open to the public. After a guided sightseeing of Mostar we’ll go back to Ploce and take our boat to the port of Trpanj on the peninsula of Peljesac, where we are going to spend the night.


Today we’ll take our course in direction of the south-dalmatian islands. The today’s target is Vela Luka. Vela Luka (a big port) is situated in a deep bay on the western part of the island of Korcula. In front of the bay are located a couple of islands, of which the island of Proizd is the most known while taxi boats go from Vela luka each day to its beaches.


Six hours of navigation from Vela Luka is situated the island of Lastovo, which has been closed to the public for years while there was located a military base of the ex Yugoslavian army. Thanx to this, the island has preserved itself as an oasis of qiet and nature with beautifull mediterranian vegetation. We’ll stop in the bay Sveti Mihajlo near the main town of the island – Lastovo. Lastovo itself is not on the sea, but on a hill approx. 2 km above the bay and it is worth to take a walk and visit it.


Today we’ll leave Lastovo and take course to the island of Mljet where we’ll stop in the Pomena bay. One part of the island Mljet has been declared a National Park - two saltwater lakes (on the larger lakes is a small island with a structure that was formerly a monastery) that are only connected to the sea by a single narrow canal. After breakfast you are free to visit the Park (admission fee, which includes a boat ride to the monastery, is approximately € and is paid on the spot). After that, we’ll continue our navigation to another bay on the eastern coast of the island where we’ll spend the night.


Today we’ll visit the Elafiti islands where we’ll stop in one of the numerous bays for a swimming brake. After that we’ll take course to Dubrovnik where we’ll spend the last night of our cruise.


After breakfast we shall disembark approx. 9 am. In case you have the return flight in the late afternoon or in the evening, spend this time on another visit of the beuatifull town of Dubrovnik.

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