General terms and conditions of cruise

1. Offer

These General Terms and travel regulations are a part of the Agreement, in other words the voucher, between Galileo d.o.o., Zvonimirova 14/IV, Split, (hereinafter: Galileo) and the travel contractor (hereinafter: the Traveler). All the information and terms in the program and these General Terms are binding for both Galileo and the Traveler unless otherwise determined by the Agreement.

Galileo guarantees for the services in accordance with the information published and with all the details of the confirmed reservation except in extraordinary circumstances that could not have been anticipated or avoided.

2. Description of cruises

The service provider is responsible for the information and description of the available boats and cabins based on the inspection of their actual state/condition at the time the description was issued. The standards of the accommodation, food, services and the like in certain places and countries vary and are not subject to comparison. The information which the Traveler receives at the point of sale does not bind Galileo any more than the information posted on the web pages of or in the catalogue or other Galileo’s printed materials. All the boats from Galileo's catalogue meet the standards of the Croatian Register of Shipping and other regulations in reference to the technical condition of the boat, in other words, the safety equipment. In the event of circumstances beyond his/her control, for example accidents or engine failure, the service provider has the right – in the interest of the safety of the passengers –to change the travel route, head towards the nearest port and/or board another boat.

3. Reservations and payments

Inquiries and reservations can be made online using our catalogue, via email, in person in Galileo’s office or at one of the Galileo’s partner agencies.

By confirming a reservation, the Traveler confirms that he/she is aware of the General Terms and conditions of the travel services and fully comprehends and accepts these terms which are binding for both the Traveler and Galileo. Galileo provides the Traveler the appropriate promotional materials or program either in printed form or electronic form, presenting all relevant information regarding the trip, and provides or points out the general terms and conditions of the trip which are a component part of this Agreement and also offers a travel insurance package.

To confirm a reservation, a deposit is required for wherein the amount is determined by the method of payment. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the service unless otherwise specified by the terms and conditions (with the exception of payment in installments), with which the Traveler is familiar with upon confirmation of the reservation.

When making a credit card payment, please be noted that your credit card will be charged to the amount stated in kunas based on the exchange rate of “Privredna Banka Zagreb”.

4. Sojourn tax

According to the valid regulations of the service provider, the Traveler is obligated to pay sojourn tax. Sojourn tax is paid on the spot during embarkment and amounts to 21 Euro per person per week for adults. Children under the age of 12 pay 10 Euro per week. The sojourn tax will be not listed on the reservation calculation, however the reservation voucher will contain a reminder that the tax must be paid on the spot.

5. Cruise prices

The price of the cruise includes the basic service as described for each route and the dates which refer to the reservation. Special services are those services which are not included in the base service rate (available through prior notification and additional payment) and as such the Traveler is obligated to pay for these services separately as indicated in our offer. Special services/requests must be made during the reservation process.

The service rates are listed in Euros. Galileo reserves the right to change the listed rates. Galileo guarantees the rate, which the Traveler paid as a deposit for a specific reservation, listed in the calculation on the basis of which the deposit was paid. Should rate changes occur prior to the deposit being paid, Galileo is obligated to inform the Traveler of these changes.

Should the number of guests for the reserved cabin exceed the number indicated on the travel documents (voucher), the service provider has the right to withhold services for unannounced travelers or allow all travelers and request additional payment for unannounced travelers on the spot.

6. Reservation payment

- 50% of the cruise price according to the confirmed inquiry
- 50% of the cruise price, minimum 30 days prior to the beginning of the cruise
- 100% of the total price upon booking confirmation (obligatory if the cruising starts in less than 30 days)

7. Right of Traveler to change or cancel a reservation

If a Traveler wants to change or cancel a confirmed reservation he/she has to do it in a written form (email, fax, mail) or in Galileo’s office. Change is considered if a Traveler wants to change the name of a reservation holder, number of people or to change arrival/departure date. Change can be made not less then 30 days before the start date of reservation. First reservation change (if possible without additional expenses) will be carried out without a charge. Galileo will charge 15 Euros for each additional reservation change (if the change is possible). If a reservation change is not possible, and that was the reason for Traveler to cancel the reservation, cancellation terms stated bellow would be applied. Change of the cabin and all the changes made less then 30 days prior to arrival or during the use of a reservation will be treated as reservation cancellation.

In case of cancellation, cancellation expenses will be calculated based on a date Galileo received a cancellation notice from the Traveler.

Terms of cancellation are:
- For cancellations up to 30 days before the start date of reservation, Galileo will charge 15% of the reservation price, minimum 25 Euro
- For cancellations from 29 to 22 days before the start date of reservation, Galileo will charge 25% of the reservation price
- For cancellations from 21 to 15 days before the start date of reservation, Galileo will charge 50% of the reservation price
- For cancellations from 14 to 0 days before the start date of reservation, Galileo will charge 100% of the reservation price

In the event that the Traveler does not arrive on time, in other words at the scheduled time of departure, and did not previously inform Galileo or service provider, the reservation will be cancelled and the corresponding cancellation fees will be charged according to the abovementioned terms. Should the actual costs of the cancellation exceed the above listed fees, Galileo reserves the right to charge the actual costs.

If the Traveler cancels a reservation and provides a replacement for the same reservation, Galileo will only charge the actual costs of the replacement. The new reservation holder assumes all of the obligations of these General Terms and Conditions. If the Traveler did not use certain services that were made available to him/her during the sailing route due to the fact that he/she ended the trip earlier or other unpredictable reasons, the Traveler does not have the right to seek a partial refund of the full amount paid.

8. Rights of Galileo to change or cancel a reservation

In case of a special circumstance that could not be avoided or resolved, Galileo keeps the right to change or cancel the reservation. Galileo can replace a reserved cruise only if the Traveler was previously notified. Alternative cruise will be of the same or higher category with identical price. If the only available cruise would be on a route/boat of the higher category and with price up to 15% higher, Galileo will consult the Traveler. If agreement has been reached, Galileo will charge the Traveler for a price difference.

In the event that a replacement cruise cannot be arranged, Galileo reserves the right to cancel the reservation by first notifying the Traveler no later than 7 days prior to the start of the cruise and guarantees a full refund of the paid amount. If Galileo cancels a reservation, the Traveler is not entitled to compensation from Galileo and Galileo is only obligated to refund the amount paid in to the Galileo’s account. If an adequate alternative cruise is not available on start of the cruise, Galileo will make an effort to provide the Traveler with information on the possibility of an alternative cruise which is not part of the Galileo's offer or will refund the Traveler for the full amount paid for the reservation.

9. Galileo’s obligations

- Galileo is obliged to check and maintain a good level of services, and following the practices in tourism to protect the interests and rights of travelers.
- Galileo has to issue travel documents after receiving a payment for the total reservation value. Galileo will carry out these obligations, except in cases of special circumstances, when Galileo will act following the Article 8. - The organizer can cancel a trip as the result of the minimum number of required passengers not being met only if he/she provided the minimum number of passengers in the description of the sailing route and adhered to the date by which he/she was obligated to inform the passengers of the cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, travelers must be notified no later than 7 days prior to the beginning date of the route. If the organizer comes to the realization that the minimum number of required passengers has not been met prior to the abovementioned deadline, he/she is obligated to notify the passengers in which case the passengers are entitled to a full refund. The Traveler also has the opportunity of accepting an alternative route provided that Galileo is able to offer such an alternative.

10. Traveler’s obligations

- Traveler is obliged that he/she, his/her personal documents and baggage fulfill customs conditions and health regulations of his/her own country, destination country and/or neighboring countries.
- Traveler is obliged to check whether a visa is required to travel in the countries mentioned above.
- When traveling to certain countries, it is necessary to have a written certification of vaccination against certain diseases.
- Upon arriving to the reserved boat/cruise, Traveler has to show travel document (voucher) to the service provider.
- Abide by the rules of the boat as well as cooperate with the service providers.
- Traveler is responsible for the damage he causes, and especially for the damage and problems caused by disregarding these terms, conditions and obligations. Traveler is responsible to cover the damage directly to the service provider.

11. Baggage

The transport of luggage by plane is free of charge provided that it is within the permitted weight requirements of the airline. Any additional luggage will be charged according to the going rates of the airline. Children, regardless of age, are not entitled to free transport of luggage by plane. When traveling by bus each traveler is permitted 2 pieces of personal luggage. Each traveler is responsible for property transported by bus and is also responsible for baggage and luggage when leaving the bus. In turn, the Traveler is responsible for lost, damaged and/or stolen property left on the bus unsupervised.

Galileo is not responsible for lost or damaged property or stolen property or valuables kept in the cabin (renting a safe if possible or buying an insurance package which would include luggage is recommended). Lost or stolen property is reported to the service or local police station.

12. Passports and visas

Travelers are obliged to have valid passports. Invalid passports leading to a cancellation of the travel shall not have any harmful consequences for Galileo, and, if Galileo would suffer an additional damage due to such an omission by a traveler, the traveler is obliged to compensate the same.

If a passport is lost or stolen during travel, the costs of issuing of a new passport shall be borne by the traveler himself/herself.

Galileo shall not be responsible for decisions by customs or police or other state authorities banning a passenger's entry into a particular country.

13. Travel documents

After Galileo receives a payment for the total reservation value, travel documents will be sent to the traveler (using fax or email) not later then 24 hours after reservation being confirmed. Traveler is obliged to give the document which confirms payment of service, (the Voucher received by e-mail), to the service provider upon the arrival to the reserved cruise/boat.

14. Complaints

In case provided services would not be carried out in a proper way, Traveler has a right to make a complaint.

Traveler is entitled to seek a reasonable compensation if a reservation holder files a written complaint. Every reservation holder files a separate complaint. Galileo will not take into consideration complaints that a Traveler did not make on the spot. In that case traveler looses his/her right for a refund.

- Traveler is required to complain about the poor service upon arriving to the accommodation. Traveler is obliged to contact Galileo immediately on the arrival day by email or by phone +385 21 542 233.
- Galileo is obliged to send a representative on the spot, while the Traveler is required to wait for him/her at the accommodation, subject of complaint. Traveler is required to cooperate with service provider as well as the Galileo representative in good faith in order to solve the problem. Should Traveler would not accept the proposed solution, representative will make a written record of the complaint in two copies, one for Galileo and the other for the Traveler. Traveler would be immediately informed if Galileo would not have any available representatives at the time. In such cases Traveler is required to continue to cooperate with service provider in order to solve the problem.
- Traveler is required to accept the alternative cabin in the same accommodation building (if alternative exists). If Traveler refuses to accept the solution that is in accordance with the paid services, Galileo is not required to accept any further complaints referring to this service. If Traveler accepts the solution on the spot, Galileo will consider complaint as solved and will not be required to accept further complaints referring that particular service.
- Should this complaint not be solved, Traveler is required to file a written complaint along with the representative’s record (if available) and other relevant documents and photographs that provides evidence for the basis of complaint, to Galileo by email or by mail at Galileo d.o.o, Zvonimirova 14/IV, 21000 Split. Galileo will take into consideration only fully documented complaints received no later than 14 days after the ending date of reservation.
- For all the services for which Traveler believe are not satisfactory, Traveler should complain on the spot. If a quality of services should not be improved or satisfactory, Traveler is required to follow this procedure as described. It is in Traveler’s best interest to write his/her complaint or comment to the “Book of Complaints” at the spot (were available).
- Galileo is obligated to issue a written decision no later then 14 days upon receiving the complaint. Galileo can postpone its decision for additional 14 days in order to collect all the necessary information and documentation regarding this complaint. Galileo will take into consideration only complaints which could not be resolved at the sport during the reservation period.
- During this process, Traveler will renounce intervention of a third party, arbitration of UHPA, court institutions and is not allowed to give any information to the public media while complaint is not resolved.
- If the Traveler is not satisfied with the solution, he/she has a right on court arbitration in a court in Split. Competent law would be Croatian Law.

The highest compensation for a single complaint cannot exceed the cost of the services in the complaint. Compensation cannot include provided services and it cannot amount to the total paid to Galileo. Compensation cannot include any additional costs that Traveler experienced because of a complaint procedure.

Galileo will not be held responsible for weather conditions, cleanliness of the sea and beaches, quality and availability of facilities of destinations visited, road construction, condition of surrounding houses and facilities as well as all the other similar situations and events not directly related to the quality of the reserved cabin, that can result in the dissatisfaction of the Traveler.

15. Cancellation insurance

Should the Traveler upon confirming a reservation anticipate specific situations which may cause him/her to cancel a trip, Galileo recommends taking out cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance cannot be paid after-the fact and must be paid during the booking process. Insurance premiums are calculated according to the value of the trip and according to the rates of the insurance company (for apartment rental the amount is calculated by divided the rental rate with the number of people in the apartment). Cancellation insurance is only valid in the following situations and confirmation must be provided in writing:
- death
- accidents resulting in serious injuries
- sudden acute illness, which requires immediate medical attention/care
- complications during pregnancy
- intolerability of vaccines which were required by the regulations of the destination country
- property damage as the result of fire, natural disasters or vandalized property by a third party
- military service/recruitment

Should the Traveler not have cancellation insurance and is unable to travel and possesses written confirmation for one of the above mentioned situations Galileo reserves the right to refund the Traveler according to the cancellation terms listed in Article 7 of this Agreement. In the event of a reservation being cancelled, visa application costs are non-refundable even if the Traveler has cancellation insurance. If the Traveler has a cancellation insurance policy, the Traveler must file all claims with the insurance company which issued the policy, while Galileo is obligated to provide all necessary documentation relating to the claim and the reservation in question. All other terms and conditions are enclosed with the policy and Galileo recommends that travelers read the policy carefully and thoroughly.

16. Travel insurance

The cost of the trip does not include the travel insurance "package": insurance against accidents and illnesses that may occur during the trip, damage or loss of luggage or health insurance. Signing a travel Agreement, which includes these General Terms, signifies that the Traveler has been offered and received recommendations for additional insurance mentioned in the previous article. Should the Traveler request additional insurance, arrangements can be made at any insurance company or by the Galileo itself wherein the Galileo only acts as a mediator.

Before buying insurance Galileo strongly recommends each traveler to read the terms and conditions carefully.

17. Warranty in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of tour organizer

In accordance with the Law on Tourist Activity, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of Galileo, customers caught by that while traveling, as well as persons which made payments for accommodation services should contact the provider stated on the travel certificate or on another corresponding document as soon as possible

18. Personal information security

The Traveler provides personal information of his/her own free will. Personal information is required for processing requested services. The same information shall be used for inter-communication. Galileo is under obligation that the personal information of the Traveler will not be taken out of the country or given to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out requested services. The exception of passing on personal information to third parties refers to cancellation insurance or insurance against accidents and illness, insurance of lost luggage and health insurance for the duration of the trip both locally and abroad. Should the Traveler request insurance, the personal information of the Traveler will be passed on to the insurance company. The personal information will be kept in a database in accordance with the Management's decision on the method used for collecting, processing and securing personal information. With the acceptance of these General Terms, the Traveler gives permission for his/her personal information to be used for promotional offers of Galileo.

19. Important notice

When making an advance payment for a reservation, Traveler fully accepts these and conditions become legal binding both for the Traveler and Galileo.

20. Discounts

In the event of simultaneous offers, discounts cannot be combined. Additional discounts do not apply to last minute offers.

Please pay attention to children discounts, as well as to other benefits which are set apart in the description of an accommodation.

21. Court jurisdiction

Traveler and Galileo will aim to settle possible law suits in the application of this Agreement and if an agreement cannot be reached the issue will become subject to the decision of the Split Court jurisdiction, under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.